What we do

Empowering Nicaraguan Asylum Seekers and Immigrants

Our legal assistance program offers expert guidance on asylum applications, ensuring Nicaraguan immigrants are well-represented and informed throughout the legal process.

Support for Asylum Seekers

From legal documentation assistance to integration support, our services are designed to facilitate the smooth transition of Nicaraguan asylum seekers into American society, ensuring their rights and welfare are protected.

Educational Resources

Access a wealth of resources on the asylum process, immigrant rights, and how to adapt to life in the USA, empowering you with knowledge for a successful transition.

Stories of Hope and Resilience

Read inspiring testimonials from Nicaraguan asylum seekers who have found new beginnings through our support and advocacy efforts, highlighting the tangible impact of our work.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our organization thrives on the dedication of volunteers. Learn how you can contribute to our cause through various volunteer opportunities that suit your skills and interests.

Support Us

Your generosity enables us to continue our mission. Learn how your donations directly impact the lives of Nicaraguan immigrants and asylum seekers.

Our Mission and Vision

A World of Hope and Democracy

Nicaraguenses en el Mundo Texas, Inc. envisions a democratic Nicaragua where the rule of law and social justice prevail. Our mission is to build a globally aware and active citizenry committed to defending democracy and human rights.

Who We Are?

Dedicated to fostering a democratic Nicaragua that upholds social justice, we promote citizenship, humanitarian aid, and human rights for a brighter future for all Nicaraguans.

A Future of Freedom and Justice

Envisioning a world where Nicaraguans everywhere enjoy the rights and freedoms they deserve. Learn about our vision for the future.