About us

We are NEEM

Welcome to Nicaraguenses en el Mundo Texas, Inc.

A beacon of hope and support for individuals navigating the complexities of immigration. Founded in 2021, we have dedicated ourselves to providing comprehensive immigration services, legal resources, and a supportive community for those seeking a new beginning in Texas. Our expertise spans asylum applications, work visas, family immigration, and student visas, ensuring that every individual’s journey is met with knowledge, compassion, and unwavering support.

We now run shelter homes, schools and a reasonable mess that helps such needy young people. We also have our helpline offices spread throughout the country so one can approach us anytime they need help.

Our approach

Our Mission
Our Mission at NEEM is to empower,
assist, and guide immigrants through their legal and societal integration journey in TEXAS. We believe in a world where every person has the right to seek a safe, stable, and fulfilling life in a new country.
Our Vision
Build an active and critical citizenry,

 which promotes and defends democracy and human rights in favor of the integral and sustainable development of the country and of Nicaraguan society in the world.